HTC Sense 6.0 Bluetooth security "issue" explained

Bluetooth is not a new technology and has long been associated with hands free headsets but with newer devices over the last few years it has obviously evolved into a technology that connects to printers, headphones, speakers, cars and of course other phones.


A Week with the HTC One (M8) by Kevin

After attending the London Launch on 25th March I switched from my 2013 HTC One M7 to a new, 2014 HTC One M8. I've been using it as a regular phone now for a week, and although I am not a technical reviewer, I wanted to share my first impressions.

From all the leaks and gossip circulating before the launch I was expecting a natural progression from the One to the new One, and in many ways that is what I now have in my hand. The HTC One M8 is not a complete reinvention in the way that its predecessor was. It is a carefully planned evolution of the already iconic M7, and the beginning of a progression which I hope will continue for some time.


HTC diary - London Launch Event 2014 by Tom

25.03.2014 - The All New HTC One

It was damp and cold when I got to the station; a 20 minute walk in the drizzle. I didn't care - the excitement I was feeling was a bit silly really - I felt a bit like a Belieber going to their first concert. Where I was actually going was to The Olympia conference centre in Kensington to see the HTC One M8 unveiled. I was one of only 20 HTC Elevate Members chosen to attend this event, so I was feeling privileged, excited, apprehensive about meeting new people, and also not looking forward to the length of the day. The train arrived on time, and I headed to the Parcel Yard pub at Kings Cross - where I met up with most of the other Elevators who were going to the Event. We then got on the Underground and went to the venue; where we were pretty much fast-tracked through a registration process and led to seats at the front of the auditorium.


HTC One M8 (2014) first custom recovery + first custom ROM

Yesterday the new HTC One M8 was launched and today I would like to inform you that you can already root it and flash your favourite custom ROM on it! :)

Custom recovery for the HTC M8 - link
Android Revolution HD for the HTC M8 - link

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HTC One (M8) gallery and more details!

The HTC One (M8) launch event is over, yet we still are very excited! It seems that HTC did it again – right from this place I’m telling you – this will be the best smartphone of the 2014!

The Beating Heart of the All New HTC One (M8): Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801

At the centre of any HTC is the processor. A combination of CPU (general processing) and GPU (graphics processing), the modern processor is a marvel of miniaturization and integrated technology. Many of you spec-loving types have been drooling over the forthcoming Snapdragon 805 that was announced at CES in January. This is a powerful processor, but it's also one that isn't ready yet in mass quantities - that's the reason why it's not in the HTC One (M8). Qualcomm is great at pre-announcing their products to create consumer demand, which then helps them with orders from the companies that buy their products (such as HTC).


[LIVE-STREAM] HTC One 2014 Launch Event (London)

Only few days left until the official HTC One 2014 launch event in London will begin! The entire Android world is waiting for that moment. Let us remind you that the HTC One is known to be the best smartphone of the 2013. It won in every category it possibly could and now we are only a few days away from its successor - the HTC One 2014, also known as the HTC M8.

As we already mentioned before, Android Revolution HD will be a part of the HTC M8 launch in London. Tom (Blog Editor), Kevin (Blog Contributor) and Daniel (HTC Elevate member) will be sitting in the front row. Using their cameras we'll be live-streaming the entire show. Sounds great, huh? Share the news with your friends using this link - HTC One 2014 Live and our special hashtag #ARHDLiveHTCOne.

We'll be live on March 25th, 4:00 PM Central Europe Time (3:00 PM UK Time)

After the launch we'll be also streaming the first hands-on with the All New HTC One. Watch us to be the first to know everything about the HTC One 2014!

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HTC One 4.19.401.11 update in all flavours!

Today the newest 4.19.401.11 OTA for the HTC One has begun rolling out. Due to the official OTA changelog it should fix Wi-Fi problems that some users were having since the Android KitKat update (added support for more routers).

To satisfy all HTC One users, as always I've prepared both Android Revolution HD based on latest 4.19.401.11 OTA update (link) and also stock system dumps (link). Apart from that under this link you can find original 4.19.401.11 OTA update .zip file for both 4.19.401.8 and 4.19.401.9 software versions.

Once again, here are all the links you need:
Android Revolution HD 53.0 (4.19.409.11) - download
Stock 4.19.401.11 system dumps - download
Original 4.19.401.11 OTA zip package - download

Have fun!

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