How to: Fix a random reboots on the HTC One M8

Some time ago I described a method to format the /data partition on the HTC One (M7) - How to: Fix a corrupted DATA partition on the HTC One. This method is suitable for more HTC devices (all with EXT4 support) and with the mkfs.ext4 tool you can format system and cache partitions as well. All you need to know is the proper /dev/block/mmcblk0pXY number of the partition you want to format.


My fight with Samsung - part 1.

It is a common knowledge that the theory is one thing and the practice is sometimes completely different. Today I've felt on my own skin how Samsung is trying to fool its customers. Keep on reading and please share this on any of your social network.


HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 latest system dumps [2.22.401.4]

Today HTC has officially started rolling out the newest Android 4.4.3 update (with Android 4.4.4 security fixes included) for the HTC One M8. The newest system version is tagged as 2.22.401.4 and it brings a lot of improvements system wide. Some of them we already mentioned here and here.

If you don't want to wait for the OTA notification you can already flash latest system dumps.  For more details please visit my XDA thread.

If you are a power user and a custom ROMs flasher, you can also grab the latest Android Revolution HD based on the 2.22.401.4 update with many extra goodies under the hood.

Finally, if you only want to root your device and keep the rest stock, feel free to visit my XDA thread with a special rooting tools.

All above files can be accessed via Downloads Page on my blog.

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HTC decides to skip Android 4.4.4 update. OTA based on 4.4.3 + security fix coming soon

International version of the HTC One M8 is currently running Android 4.4.2 (1.54.401.10) but this will change very soon. According to the confirmed information, the new over-the-air (OTA) update with Android 4.4.3 will start rolling out late next week for the 0P6B10000 variant of the HTC One M8 with the following CID numbers: 

HTC__001, HTC__E11, HTC__102, HTC__203, HTC__405, HTC__Y13, HTC__304, HTC__A07, HTC__002, HTC__016, HTC__032, HTC__J15, HTC__M27, HTC__A48, HTC__K18.


HTC One M8 - My point of (re)view

HTC One M8; the newest HTC high-end device! You have probably read plenty of reviews around the internet. Is there anything else that can be discovered or described? Depending on the point of view some aspects can be more or less important. I will try to point out some of the major differences between the HTC One M7 and the HTC One M8 together with describing some of the features I find to be advantages or disadvantages.


Incoming Android 4.4.3 with HTC Sense 6.1 for the HTC One M8

HTC has been working hard to keep the HTC One M8 at the cutting edge. These days, one of the crucial strategy element in the war between smartphones companies is to keep their top devices bundled with the latest Android OS.


Inspire Envy: the HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is not just a „better HTC One” as some might think. Honestly saying, I’ve been thinking the same way before I had a chance to hold this beauty in my hand for a first time. Let's put aside the hardware specification for now. Before I’ll review the newest HTC One M8 let me show you some close, high quality pictures of the youngest HTC piece of art.


How to: Enable Harman & Kardon sound effect of the HTC One M8

Just few days ago HTC announced the new HTC One (M8) Harman & Kardon Edition. The HTC One (M8) Harman & Kardon edition has been designed for consumers who appreciate high-quality audio and want the best smartphone on the market without compromise. It’s a special edition of the critically acclaimed HTC One (M8) that builds upon the iconic all-metal design in a new brushed black finish with champagne accents, and is another example of HTC’s commitment to offer the best audio experience on a smartphone.

Today we present you how to enjoy this revolutionary audio experience on your “regular” HTC One (M8).